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Got questions? I've got answers!

Appointment Policy:

I regretably must impose a strict no-show and late policy.  If you are late for your appointment, the massage will still end at the desinated time. If you are more than 15 min. late and do not call I will assume you are a no-show. If you fail to show up for your appointment you will lose your groupon or gift certificate for the value of your service. Exceptions will be made for emergencys only and repeat offenders will need to leave a deposit for future appointments. 


Q: I received a groupon & it's not quite what I wanted. Can I use it for other services?

A: YES! All gift certificates, groupons, deal chickens & other promotions are interchangeable! Simply swap services based on the pre-sale price. For example, a groupon for a 1 hr. massage is worth $70 and can be used for $70 worth of services. Discounts, however, cannot be combined - for example a 1/2 price gift certificate cannot be used to buy a membership or other discounted service.

Q: What is an integrated massage?

A: Unlike a Swedish massage which is light and mainly for relaxation or a deep-tissue massage which can be too much pressure, an integrated massage is completely customized. Pressure, techniques and focus varies because each client is different and needs vary from one visit to the next.

Q: What all is involved in a 30 min. facial?

A: A 30 min. facial includes a customized cleanser, mask & moisturizer as well as hot towels & steam. Facials are intended for relaxation only.

Q: What does a bodywrap do?

A: Their are several main ingredients in the bodywrap that are designed to tone, draw out inpurities, and nourish the body including various types of seaweed, mud, and clay as well as vitamins, minerals, & essential oils. Bladderwrack- a type of seaweed - is used to tone the skin.  Volcanic mud is rich in minerals and nutrients that not only draw out toxins but feed the skin as well.

Q: I've never had a massage. What can I expect?

A: You will be instructed to undress to your comfort level and get under the sheets while I step out of the room. You can leave your underwear on or wear shorts if you prefer. I also have a wrap or a towel and pillows for added comfort if you prefer. You will be covered by a sheet at all times. Only the area being worked on is uncovered at any 1 time. If you are experiencing lower back or hip pain expect to have your glutes worked on. WIth glute work, I will do compressions and stretching over the sheets. In a full body massage I will massage the head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, legs and feet. I don't do abdominal massage unless you ask. If you don't want a particular area done - for example your feet - let me know & I will skip that area. I will ask you what type of pressure you prefer. If at any time you would like more or less pressure, please let me know - it's your massage! I use massage cream or lotion instead of oil unless you prefer oil or gel. If you have allergies or prefer something else, please let me know. At the end of the session I will leave the room and give you time to dress.

Q: I have knots and tight areas but deep pressure is too painful. Does it have to hurt?

A: NO! Massage should never be painful! I work within your tolerance level - please let me know if it's too deep. Deep tissue doesn't have to be deep pressure. Some clients prefer deep pressure & that's great, however, for those who don't I can use a variety of techniques including myofascial release that allows me to access the deeper tissue without the pressure. Myofascial release allows me to "sink" into the muscle rather than push my way in. I can also incorporate heat into the treatment which will allow me to work deeper without the pressure.

Laura Parker, LMT, is a 2007 graduate from the National Massage Therapy Institute. She has practiced massage in a number of therapeutic settings as well as a gyms, spas and a yoga studio. Working with physical therapists, chiropractors, nursing homes and more has given Laura a unique and integrated approach to wellness. Laura's clients have benefited from her study of pain relief and medical massage applications to relieve a broad range of conditions including migraines, fibromyalgia pain, repetitive strain injuries and low back pain as well as providing relief for cancer patients and the terminally ill. Laura believes that massage is the perfect combination of science and art. She continues to be amazed at all it can do.
In addition to medical massage and similar therapeutic approaches, Laura has studied and now teaches Eastern modalities including Thai Yoga, in addition to spa techniques. She has studied different aspects of spa treatments in addition to almost 10 years experience. She enjoys creating her own organic products as well. Laura enjoys constantly expanding her knowledge and learning new things.
Laura began teaching massage in a core program at Harris School of Business before becoming a NCBTMB certified continuing education teacher. She currently works at Physiotherapy Associates as well as working in sports massage and  maintaining her own practice. Laura enjoys sharing what she's learned and believes education is the first step to wellness. 

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