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All massages and treatments are integrated and customized to you.

Pressure and focus will vary depending on your particular needs​.


​Signature Service
90 min - $90

The house specialty. Indulge in a 90 min. integrated massage with hot-stone sampler and your choice of aromatherapy.


Calming Combo
90 min - $95
2 hr. - $130

The best of both worlds -an integrated 60 min. massage and a relaxing facial. Please specify facial type and any concerns or allergies when booking - mature, sensitive, problem skin or other.


Add Ons!
Ear Candling
30 min - $20

Helps relieve swimmer's ear, seasonal allergies and other ear and sinus problems.


Customized Integrated Massage
​30 min - $40, 60 min - $65,

90 min - $85, 120 min. - $125

All massages are customized to your specific needs.

I incorporate a variety of techniques such as deep tissue, myofascial release, sports and more.


Calming Combo + Bodywrap
120 min. - $150

The complete head to toe wellness package. Includes a facial, bodywrap and massage. Please specify skin type when booking - mature, sensitive, problem or other.

Total Toning Treatment
60 min. - $85
3 treatment series - $199

Target cellulite, tone & tighten with a cellulite

massage and targeted abdomen bodywrap.

Includes another wrap to take home.


Paraffin Treatment
20 min. - $15

Hand and foot scrub with hand paraffin treatment.

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